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Josh Shapiro, CFO of U.S. Well Services, is today’s Forty Under 40 featured honoree. 

Prior to being in the oil and gas industry, Shapiro was in the investment banking world. He credits his successful career at U.S. Well Services to the guidance he received from mentors and the leadership abilities he developed along the way. 

“I have been very fortunate in my career to have been surrounded by some of the smartest, most experienced industry veterans,” said Shapiro. “This includes my former colleagues in investment banking, whose knowledge and advice taught me how to evaluate transactions and advise clients.”

Shapiro rose through the ranks of U.S. Well Services by taking risks, and that’s what he advises young professionals in the oil and gas industry to do as well. 

Learning from colleagues, accepting input, and evaluating risks are really important to grow a career and be a better leader, said Shapiro. The oil and gas industry is always changing and innovating, so the ability to adapt and navigate risks is crucial.

“I learned the most when I’ve been in new positions that required me to lean on my colleagues, ask questions and work my hardest,” said Shapiro. “Chaos creates wonderful learning opportunities, so being in difficult positions and facing critical challenges will increase your value and radically alter your career trajectory.”

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