Hossein Rokhsari, CEO and co-founder of Houston-based technology research and consulting firm Darcy Partners, is today’s featured Forty Under 40 honoree.

Rokhsari and his partner Jeremy Sweek founded Darcy in late 2015 with a desire to establish a greater transparency between the industry and its technology partners. 

“There is more technology that goes into reaching oil than what goes into sending man to the moon,” he said. “It is a fundamental energy required for life on earth—at least now and for the years to come—so we need to develop it efficiently and with care.” 

Darcy conducts research on behalf of E&P operators, assesses new technology and develops field-ready solutions that can be of value to a company’s operations. The firm’s research studies cover topics along the upstream value chain from geology and geophysics to drilling and completions to production and facilities. 

Under Rokhsari’s leadership, Darcy has showcased over 200 new technologies to E&P operators and uncovered more than 2,000 new innovative solutions for the energy space as part of its mission to accelerate the adoption of innovation in the industry.

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