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Alex Dyes, executive vice president of engineering and corporate strategy at Ring Energy Inc., is today's featured Forty Under 40 honoree.

When he was young, Dyes' father, Edgar, adopted him and gave him the opportunity to move from his birthplace of Bogota, Colombia, to the U.S., allowing him to get a first-rate engineering education. As an oil and gas man himself, Dyes views his father as a mentor and inspiration in his career and in life.

"He always taught me to treat others with utmost respect no matter what job function within the company they perform, as everyone in the company plays a role that leads to the success of the organization," Dyes said.

Dyes' team became the managing team at Ring Energy in the fall of 2020, presenting new challenges since the company was in a difficult financial position due to the pandemic. However, he saw the struggle as an opportunity for growth and leadership.

"Our team was able to create a culture that revitalized the company," Dyes said. "The company overall had great assets, and our team introduced a new strategic vision. It has been extremely rewarding to step into an organization that was all but forgotten and believed to be going insolvent to seeing it now a striving, growing business."

Dyes believes that due to the technically complex nature of the oil and gas industry, its leaders must be  willing to think innovatively and hopes to channel this mentality when leading his team at Ring Energy.

"Good leaders need to be flexible as well as relentless considering how volatile commodity prices are in our industry," he said. "Leaders benefit from having humility as this humble perspective provides good leaders in our industry a sense of open mindedness to listen to ideas no matter where they come from."


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