Jaxon Caines, technology reporter, Hart Energy: I'm Jaxon Caines and this is Tech Trends with Hart Energy LIVE. I'm here with Renee LeBas, vice president of NextGen at NexTier and we're here to talk about their new e-Blender. So Renee, can you tell me a little bit about what exactly this is?

Renee LeBas, vice president of NextGen, NexTier: This is our latest technology and blending equipment for fracturing operations. It's completely electric driven, which helps us reduce carbon footprint, reduce our environmental footprint and improve reliability of the equipment operations.

JC: How exactly does this thing work behind us?

RL: It can be run autonomously. So we don't have to have a person running the blender from the blender which reduces our HSE exposure. It links into our NextHub digital completion center, which allows us to monitor the blender and the operations 24/7, reducing risk to the customer and the overall operations.

JC: Why would you say that the industry needs this?

RL: So electric equipment is really becoming one of the new industry standards through reducing that footprint and through reducing personnel exposure with equipment like this. We pull additional folks off the wall site, which is obviously good from an agency exposure perspective. And then because this is fit for purpose, we can do more with higher reliability and less risk with this unit than some previous generations of our equipment.

JC: And that was your tech trends with Hart Energy LIVE. Every Tuesday, learn more about the tech that fuels the oil patch at hartenergy.com/ep.