Jaxon Caines, technology reporter, Hart Energy: Why would MicroSeismic, an established service company in the U.S. whose business has always been conventional geophones, reach out to an Australian company with no presence in North America to bring fiber optic technology to this market? Find out in this Hart Energy LIVE Exclusive.

Peter Duncan, CEO, MicroSeismic: We are here at IMAGE introducing the Terra15 DAS, or optical fiber interrogator, to the North American market. In our market, one of the developing markets, one of the important markets in North America right now is the storage of carbon, carbon sequestration. And as we looked at the toolkit to monitor the sequestered carbon, we found there was a need, both a technical need and a commercial need. Our clients were asking us to put a digital fiber near their injection well so that we could do repeat VSPs and we could do other kinds of monitoring that would help us see the growth of the CO2 plume as it goes in the reservoir. There is no other way to do it except with DAS, and we felt the Terra15 Interrogator was the best way to make that application.

JC: How does distributed acoustic sensing help the oil and gas industry?

Nader Issa, CEO and co-founder, Terra15 Technologies: Well, it starts from the well through to transport and storage. At the well, it could be active seismic monitoring, it could be passive seismic monitoring, it could be production flow monitoring. And then through transport, it could be the monitoring for the integrity of pipelines, and then in storage it could be for monitoring subsurface storage or surface vessels of storage for energy requirements.

JC: What do you all expect to accomplish or achieve through this partnership?

PD: Well, we're hoping to turn the market here on fire. There have been offerings using DAS that have been kind of testing different applications of the technology, but we feel that by bringing this interrogator, which is particularly good for micro seismic measurements, that we will be able to set the market on fire offering something that's a real adjunct to what we've been offering in the past.

JC: How are you guys adapting your technology for the energy space?

NI: Terra15 really focuses and specializes in DAS technology. There are many, many applications of that core technology, but what customers really want is they want end solutions—solutions to their problems. So partnering with a company like Microseismic that has 20 years of experience developing solutions for customers, that's a great partnership.

JC: And that's your Hart Energy LIVE Exclusive with Microseismic and Terra15. Learn more at hartenergy.com.