Enbridge Inc. joined Occidental's subsidiary Oxy Low Carbon Ventures (OLCV) in a partnership to develop a carbon sequestration hub on the Texas Gulf Coast, a press release announced on Nov. 30.

Located near Corpus Christi, Texas, the hub would allow CO2 point source emitters in the area to transport and sequester nearby carbon emissions, improving the environmental impact of the Texas Gulf Coast.

Through a letter of intent signed to explore by both companies, OLCV would develop, construct and operate the sequestration facilities while Enbridge would develop, construct and operate pipeline facilities, advancing both the sequestration hub and the affiliated transportation infrastructure.

"This is a unique opportunity for two organizations to pair complementary skill sets in a way that decarbonizes our own facilities and provides a platform for our industrial neighbors who are also seeking to reduce their emissions," Enbridge executive vice president and president of liquids pipelines Colin Gruending commented in the release.

Both companies will collaboratively market the sequestration and pipeline transportation services to Ingleside and Corpus Christi-based third-party CO2 emitters.

Enbridge and OLCV are both hoping that the facility will help advance their own carbon management ambitions along with those of their customers.

"This collaboration will help accelerate the path to net zero not only for ourselves, but for other organizations who are exploring end-to-end solutions to capture, transport and permanently store CO2," OLCV president and general manager of sequestration Jeff Alvarez added in the press statement.