DT Midstream’s LEAP Phase 2 pipeline expansion project reached an earlier-than-scheduled mechanical completion on Dec. 6, the company announced, meaning the 400 MMcf/d of new capacity on the line should be available on Jan. 1.

The LEAP pipeline is a 155-mile high-pressure lateral line that collects gas in a network from primarily the Louisiana side of the Haynesville Shale and delivers it to facilities on the Louisiana Gulf Coast. The line serves several petrochemical facilities, but the expansion will be available to support LNG export facilities under construction.

LEAP expansion
(Source: East Daley Analytics)

The company also completed its LEAP Phase 1 project ahead of schedule, opening it to service in September. The expansion added 300 MMcf/d of capacity on the line, which has been filled almost immediately, according to East Daley Analytics.

Phase 2 raises total LEAP capacity to 1.7 Bcf/d. DTM expects to start Phase 3, adding another 200 MMcf/d in the second half of 2024.