API Op-ed: Working Toward a More Diverse and Inclusive Natural Gas and Oil Industry

The API and its members are focusing on people of all backgrounds, including communities of color, women and veterans, to strengthen their commitment to a diverse workforce.

(Source: Shutterstock.com)

For the U.S. natural gas and oil industry, the challenge of meeting global demand for energy while building a lower-carbon future is fundamental. One key to achieving this important goal is continued investment in an increasingly diverse, resilient and well-trained workforce whose unique life experiences, hard work and ingenuity will strengthen our day-to-day operations toward a cleaner world.

This industry supports more than 11 million U.S. jobs, employing a highly skilled segment of the workforce—and paying employees steady wages that often eclipse six figures. We are proud of our contributions to America’s economic recovery and long-term growth, and we are committed to attracting and retaining the next cohort of engineers, scientists and skilled laborers who will drive American energy leadership. Most importantly, we are working to ensure that future generations of energy workers reflect the makeup of the country we all call home.

Based on analysis of U.S. employment trends, nearly 50% of job opportunities through 2040 are projected to be filled by individuals who identify as African American, Hispanic, Asian or non-white. Understanding the industry’s evolving nature of work, the API and its members are recruiting and hiring to strengthen its commitment to a diverse workforce by proactively focusing on communities of color, women and veterans.

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