ProspectOasis, an A&D web site that lists prospects and producing properties, has been formed by Calgary-based Storage Alliance (OTC BB: SGAL), a provider of oil and gas database management and Internet-hosted, industry software applications.During the coming months, Storage Alliance intends to integrate Strata Web, a geographical information system purchased recently from Petroleum Place, into ProspectOasis.Calgary-based A&D advisory firm Kobayashi & Associates Ltd. has restructured and formed Kobayashi Partners Ltd., which includes the original members, Ross Kobayashi, Tom Caldwell and Rich Wickens, who are joined now by Mark McMurray.McMurray previously held positions as senior manager with Deloitte & Touche, was a partner at Advantage Energy Services Ltd., a Calgary-based field performance improvement firm, and senior technical roles at Exxon Production Research and Imperial Oil Ltd. He has been involved in advisory roles in transactions that have included Burlington Resources' acquisitions of Poco Petroleum and Canadian Hunter, as well as for Gulf Canada, Ranger Oil, Founders Energy and Cabre Exploration.The firm continues to provide A&D services as well as client support in portfolio strategy, exit positioning, and opportunity characterization.