Jordan Soto, executive producer, Hart Energy: And the news broke this morning. This is the biggest energy deal in decades with the potential to reshape the Permian Basin. This is you’re A&D Minute powered by BOK Financial Securities. Exxon reached a roughly $60 billion deal to acquire Permian juggernaut, Pioneer Natural Resources. Andrew Dittmar, director at Enverus Intelligence Research is here to break down the king of all shale deals.

Andrew Dittmar, director, Enverus Intelligence Research: I think we're going to see more public company consolidation as sort of the next wave of M&A. Now that we've moved past this rollup of all of these private equity backed companies, I'd already anticipated that was going to take place on the small end of the market. So some of the SMID caps, like a calendar of vital potential targets, but also opens the door for consolidation at the top end. So some of the largest shale independence companies that we thought would be buyers in the consolidation story, may actually end up being targets if the majors and largest independents decide to step in and really pursue corporate acquisitions,

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