Jordan Soto, executive producer, Hart Energy: Right now we're seeing some of the biggest energy deals get signed. Is this just the beginning? This is your A&D Minute powered by BOK Financial Securities.

M&A has been on fire in October, thanks to a sudden interest by the super majors and shale players. ExxonMobil bought Pioneer Natural Resources’ Permian Basin assets and analysts predicted an M&A frenzy would ensue. So far, they've been right. Just two days ago, Chevron inked a $53 billion deal for Hess assets in the Bakken and its interests offshore Guyana, which are coincidentally shared by Exxon. What does this mean for Chevron going forward and what about the rest of the E&P space?

Fernando Valle, oil and gas senior equity analyst, Bloomberg Intelligence: I think Chevron has shown that they will continue to be inquisitive. After Noble they followed that up with PDC Energy, which added to their holdings in the D-J Basin and similarly, I could see them consolidating some more of their positions, be that in the Gulf of Mexico or in the Bakken. I think for the industry as a whole, it does create a bit of a stir up because now you have two majors that will be responsible for a vast majority of the non-OPEC growth over the next 10 years. It does raise the question about the European majors and what they'll do. It seems like they're going to stay away from that, and we think that that will allow for more U.S. oil companies, not just the two majors, to gain market share over the next decade.