The U.S. has emerged as the world’s largest natural gas producer and is well on its way to becoming a top LNG exporter. And if gas has become a big business, then Tellurian plans to take its place as a big, vertically integrated player—upstream, midstream and downstream—in the sector, according to the head of its production arm.

“Our goal is to build a low-cost global natural gas business,” John Howie, president of Tellurian Production LLC, told attendees at Hart Energy’s 17th annual A&D Conference on Sept. 6. “We are going to start with upstream U.S. oil and gas assets, primarily dry natural gas. We are going to pair our upstream assets with about 1,000 miles of newly-built pipeline assets and we’re going to combine the upstream, the pipeline, with our keystone asset—the Tellurian LNG facility just south of Lake Charles [La.].”

The firm plans to start liquefaction at Driftwood LNG’s production and export terminal in 2023.

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