Ultrasonic meters have replaced mechanical meters as the principal gas measurement device for pipeline transmission applications, both for custody transfer and system balancing. Today the upstream segment is able to take advantage of this technology to quickly identify operational anomalies and reducing the lost and unaccounted for gas. As an industry leader, SICK’s FLOWSIC600XT and its predecessor, the FLOWSIC600 (Classic) are well-known front-runners in the transmission gas measurement market. Today the FLOWSIC600 DRU, FLOWSIC600 DRU-S, and FLOWSIC500 provide unprecedented opportunities to streamline upstream operations and reduce unaccounted for gas loss.

Join this webinar and learn:

  • Advantages of ultrasonic measurement
  • The future of ultrasonic technology
  • How one company transitioned from mechanical measurement to ultrasonic to improve efficiency and reduce L&U


Duane Harris is a Market Product Manager at SICK, Inc. for the process automation industry. With over 30 years of experience total in the industry, he brings a wealth of experience as a Vice President of Business Development and Support for Flow-Cal Inc. for 17 years and as a Manager of Gas Measurement at Panhandle Energy for 17 years to his Market Product Manager role for Sick, Inc.

Irvin Schwartzenberg is a Market Application Engineer at Sick, Inc. for the process automation industry. For nearly seven years, he has provided his expertise in flow products to assist customers with finding the best technology for their application.