Tying Together Rig Automation Processes

Digital well plans and high-definition data can help operators make sense of the advanced technology on rig sites.

(Source: KoSSSmoSSS/Shutterstock.com)

With more technology than ever at operators’ fingertips, the oil and gas industry is able to climb to unprecedented heights. However, there is such thing as too much of a good thing.

New technological innovations in rig automation are generally seen as positive advancements among operators, but they can become overwhelmed when it comes to managing and coordinating all of them at once.

Ashley Fernandes, vice president of drilling technology with Precision Drilling, explained how rig automation challenges can be overcome through a combination of the right planning and data collection in the “Rig Automation and Digitalization Increases Drilling Productivity” webinar on March 3.

“Automation is still people-dependent,” Fernandes said. “What we get with automation is consistency to using processes that are better connected and input into the automation system.”

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Madison Ratcliff

Madison Ratcliff is an associate editor for Hart Energy's editorial team.