Velda Addison, senior energy transition editor, Hart Energy: A brand-new technology in deep geothermal drilling is inching its way toward bringing geothermal anywhere. 

Geothermal energy is limited to areas close to the surface. Going deeper and hotter means breaking through hard and abrasive rock, which can be expensive. 

GA drilling said its anchor bit technology can reduce drilling costs by increasing drilling speeds and extending the lifetime of the drill bit. The company described it as a down hole walking system that eliminates stick-slip and improves downhill stability when hard rock is hit. That improves drilling efficiency and economics. Working with partner Nabors Industries, GA Drilling validated the technology and demonstrated anchor bit. The 20 ft-long tool is designed to operate at bottom hole temperatures between 200 degrees and 300 degrees Celsius and reach depths between three km to five km. GA drilling plans to make anchor bit about five feet longer and integrate it into the company's plasma bit technology. The company aims to conduct a field test in a commercial well in 2024. 

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