Jennifer Pallanich, senior technology editor, Hart Energy: Artificial intelligence and machine learning (ML) are changing the way the oil industry works.

While the industry has used ML and AI for years, it was only with the advent of cloud computing that ML and AI-based solutions really started to take off. These technologies have helped increase production, driven down exploration and development costs, improved safety and sped up workflows. There are plenty of use cases for AI and ML technologies, and they are as diverse as processing seismic imaging to clean up the noise to well-equipped hard hats that can filter out ambient noise at loud work sites to computer vision that can help detect corrosion on assets. However, the ‘garbage in, garbage out’ maxim is particularly true for AI and ML because biased or flawed data used to train the learning models will skew the results. It is essential, the experts say, to start with quality curated data and lots of it.

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