Jennifer Pallanich, senior technology editor, Hart Energy: Getting oil out of the ground is no easy feat, and operators tend to rely on EOR to enhance their recovery factor. One company is using micro oil droplets to get that stuck oil out of the reservoir. Find out more in this tech trends with me, Jennifer Pallanich.

Kenneth Gerbino, founder and chairman, Titan Oil Recovery: Sixty-five percent of the world's oil is trapped in reservoirs. It's either stuck to the side of the pore spaces or it's a big globule. What our technology does is create micro-oil droplets using the biology of the reservoir. Think of a large beach ball that's covered with tar and you're trying to push it over your rug in your living room with a hose. Well, it's going to go very slowly, but if you can break that down into little tiny b-bs that are still the same texture, it'll go a lot faster. So the relative permeability of the oil droplets decrease.

 We have a very wide sweet spot for API, temperature and salinity. Probably about half the oil fields in the world will be perfect for the Titan process or organic oil recovery. We've been on 63 oil fields and we've been on five continents with over 350 well applications, 280 of them to injection wells, and the average increase in production is over 90%. We think that we've changed the industry, but they haven't found out about it yet, but the engineers will be finding out about it soon.

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