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Gardner Denver High Pressure Solutions (GD), a provider of high-pressure pumps, parts and services, has expanded its suite of pump offerings with its new GD 800HDD pump. The pump has been designed specifically to serve the horizontal directional drilling (HDD) market. 

The release of the GD 800HDD pump follows the release of GD's 250HDD pump in 2020.  Both the 250HDD and 800HDD are compact, lightweight, are designed for the maxi drill rig segment and provide a suite of options within the biggest HDD industry projects, such as boring under rivers and roads and laying sewage systems, water pipes, fiber-optic lines and pipelines. 

The 800HDD pump has been designed to successfully tackle the most demanding projects in HDD where reliable pumps running at slow speeds are required to move extremely large amounts of mud with less downtime. As an extremely powerful but lightweight 800 brake horsepower (BHP) pump, the 800HDD pump is an ideal solution for companies that are accustomed to regularly undertaking large projects. 

The GD 800HD features an extremely high flow rate of more than 1000 gpm, and these flows allow the contractor to use one pump for the job, which will reduce overall project cost. Even with the increase in flow, the pump’s consistently low operating speed means that it will deliver the same output, flow and pressure as faster pumps with less violent actions, wear and friction. By delivering fewer strokes, consumable life is extended and costs minimized.

The compact profile and weight of the GD 800HD pump allows equipment to be transported easily with less concerns about road regulations. Unlike in traditional drilling applications, where an extremely heavy oil and gas drilling pump can be placed in one position for the duration of its working life, HDD applications are mobile by nature. Pumps are often required to be moved to different jobs across disparate states, where a variety of diverse rules and regulations apply. The 800HDD’s light weight eases transportation between work sites, and its extremely high rod load rating of 53,000 lb ensures the pump is tough and long lasting. The pump does not have to be pushed to achieve its high flow output; it has the rod load to handle it with ease. The quintuplex (five-cylinder) pump runs with great efficiency and can make fast work of the largest HDD projects. Additionally, there is no requirement to change pistons to meet any required pressures.

In addition, the GD 800HDD is a 100% American-made pump and parts are readily available. The pump’s aftercare service and replacement parts also originate from within the U.S. The company's service personnel can be on site for any HDD pump maintenance and parts requirements, helping customers reduce downtime, extend consumable life and increase profitability.