First Multi Domain Air-water Drone Poised to Revolutionize Offshore Inspections

Here are the three main technological breakthroughs that SubUAS CEO Javier Diez said made the Naviator drone possible.

(Source: Hart Energy, SubUAS,

A drone capable of both flight and underwater operations on the same mission could streamline future offshore oil and gas inspection activities. 

Cracking the technology that allows a robot to conduct both aquatic and aerial operations on a single trip has been tough. A newly developed drone would be able to fly to an offshore asset, submerge to conduct underwater inspections, and return to base or fly to a new destination.

The hardware, however, is only one component of the technology solution. Software and cloud operations both make crucial contributions to the drone’s capabilities.

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Jennifer Pallanich

Jennifer Pallanich is Hart Energy's senior editor for technology. She has reported on the technology that fuels oil patch exploration, development and production for more than two decades.