E&P Tech Spotlight: Enabling Efficiency, Safety Through Digitized Completions

Through digital completions technology, oil and gas producers can increase safety and efficiency at the well site by converting on-paper procedures to a digital forum. “It’s sort of like using Goggle Maps or Waze to drive to a destination,” says Intelligent Wellhead Systems CEO William Standifird.

E&P Tech Spotlight: Enabling Efficiency, Safety Through Digitized Completions

Using its digitization technology, one Intelligent Wellhead Systems client was able to conduct a well swap in the D-J Basin—a process that ordinarily would take 12 to 14 hours—in less than a minute, Standifird said. (Source: Hart Energy; Shutterstock.com)

As more oil and gas producers begin the process of digitizing their work sites, many have seen increases in productivity and efficiency, according to Intelligent Wellhead Systems CEO William Standifird.

Whereas plans and scheduling at an oil and gas well site used to be done manually with a piece of paper on a clipboard, Standifird said digitization now connects workers all across the field and keeps everyone updated on changes, cutting downtime by a considerable amount. In addition to saving time and resources, digital completions decrease the chances of human error, ultimately improving the safety of a well site.

“I don’t think very many of us fly planes without an autopilot there, and without digital instrumentation, we would be very uncomfortable,” Standifird said. “Completions side is really no different.”

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Madison Ratcliff

Madison Ratcliff is an associate editor for Hart Energy's editorial team.