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1 US

Kosmos Energy has announced an oil discovery at the Winterfell infrastructure exploration well. The #1-Winterfell hit 85 ft of net pay in Upper Miocene. The 23,000-ft venture is in Green Canyon Block 944. Area water depth is about 5,300 ft. Kosmos will work with partners on an appraisal plan and development options. The company also plans to drill the Zora ILX well in the Gulf of Mexico later in 2021.

2 Brazil

In the Campos Basin, Petrobras completed a hydrocarbon discovery in Block C-M-411. The #1-BRSA-1377-RJS (Urissane) was drilled in approximately 2,950 m of water, and it encountered oil in the presalt section of the reservoirs. Additional testing in the area is planned to assess the potential of the discovery. Petrobras is the operator of the block and holds a 50% interest, in partnership with Exxon Mobil holding 50%.

3 Saudi Arabia

State oil company Saudi Aramco announced two new oil and gas fields in northern Saudi Arabia. According to the company, the new Abraq al-Toloul oil field in the Northern Borders Province flowed at a rate of 3,189 bbl/d of Arab light crude oil, with 3.5 MMcf/d of gas. Hadabat al Hajara gas field in the neighboring al-Jauf Province has a production rate of 16 MMcf/d of gas, along with 1,944 bbl of oil condensate. Aramco plans to estimate the total amount of oil and gas in the two fields and is drilling more wells to determine the boundary areas and capacities.