E&P Case Study: Predicting Proppant and Fluid Flow Leads to Better Fracs

The oil and gas industry has long assumed that sand and fluid flow uniformly together through casing. However, surface tests conducted by GEODynamics with six shale operators in the U.S. unequivocally proved otherwise.

The StageCoach model is field-proved to accurately predict how sand and fluid will flow through wells to measurably improve well productivity, and is included with GEODynamics’ perforating solutions. (Source: GEODynamics)

As oil and gas companies face increasing pressures to become more efficient, U.S. shale operators are becoming smarter and faster—and it’s more important than ever.

The demand for energy continues outstripping supply despite a rising rig count. According to industry analyst Enverus Foundations, the number of rigs running in the U.S. in the second quarter rose 9% compared to the first quarter, and the rig count is 54% higher year-over-year.

Challenging the status quo of long-held assumptions or approaches in the field is necessary to uncover new methods that can lead to greater productivity to maximize capital and human resources. Continuing to do an activity the same way it has always been done can cause companies to lose efficiency gains that could make a difference in their profits.

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