Drilling Activity Highlights

Stay abreast of exploration and development drilling, with detailed focus on U.S. drilling complemented by broader global coverage.

drilling activity highlights

A&D Transactions

With more than 10 years of upstream transactions online, you can find information on thousands of deals in the A&D database.


New Financings

A comprehensive snapshot of publicly traded U.S. E&P and service companies' debt, equity and stock buyback transactions, allowing members to easily track capital raised.


Markets Data

View of the most active stocks and commodities futures in the Oil & Gas sector. Compare daily, six month, and yearly performance along with the most recent news affecting the markets.

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Who's Who

Search through the most comprehensive list of E&P companies' A&D professionals anywhere. Met a BD professional at a recent reception and only remember his last name? Find his contact information here.

Who's Who

Energy Datalink

Dive into the largest and most complete database on energy infrastructure assets in North America, including asset ownership, production records, processing capacities, planned projects, and acquisition records.

energy datalink