Rextag, the largest provider of mapping services to the energy industry, is rolling out the largest expansion of its Global Energy GIS database in more than 10 years to its customers beginning in 2019. Rextag’s data will begin to be updated monthly and the new schema will then include more parameters, diameters and financial information through a streamlined user experience.

Rextag's Global Energy GIS database is the main source for the company’s printed map products and custom mapping. The most comprehensive database in North America, it supports the bulk of U.S. oil and gas companies’ internal mapping needs.

The newly expanded GIS data offers more quantitative information about pipelines and facilities as well as other datasets on energy assets. The information will be updated monthly, instead of quarterly, enabling users to make incremental updates to pre-existing information.

"Our GIS data service is undergoing its largest and most significant update in 10 years," said Reinold (Rey) Tagle, Founder of Rextag. "I'm confident the expanded data options, added quality and more frequent updates will set companies up for further success in business activities using our data services."

Over the past year, Rextag’s team undertook an extensive R&D effort to add more in-depth, quantitative information to its system. Improvements available for update starting in 2019 include:

  • Thousands of new transmission pipeline diameters
  • Improved spatial accuracy
  • Hundreds of additional pipeline miles
  • Financial data about public companies

To standardize and streamline user experience, Rextag created new attributes, renamed fields and rezoned data packages to help customers sort through thousands of data fields. For more information about these new changes or for questions about Rextag’s products and services, visit

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