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Sage Geosystems Inc.


Sage is a rapidly growing business dedicated to the advancement and widespread deployment of geothermal technologies. Founded in 2020, Sage brings innovative geothermal technology and a team with a proven track record of action and delivery. Sage is unique in that they recognize there is no single optimum geothermal design solution for all applications and subsurface environments, so they present multiple approaches and technologies for addressing the various challenges, with these recommendations informed by their powerhouse modeling tool. This tool, GeoTwin™, is based on decades of experience modeling subsurface fluids and processes in the drilling of oil and gas wells and will allow Sage to rapidly target surface and subsurface designs and combinations thereof to optimize the power generated from the geothermal systems and their cost. The Sage team has a cumulative 125+ years in drilling and completions, and therefore recognizes the easy transferability of oil and gas skills to renewable baseload geothermal energy.

Editor's note: Updated June 28, 2021.

Headquarters Address

Houston, TX
United States


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Sage Geosystems Advances Commercial-scale Energy Storage Facility

The 3-megawatt facility in Texas is expected to become the world’s first commercial geopressured geothermal system when it’s commissioned in December.

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Sage Geosystems ‘Revolutionizes’ Grid with Energy Storage

Sage Geosystems’ energy storage technology, which can be used in new and former oil wells, provides short- and long-duration storage capabilities, company says.

Driller Nabors Digs Deep to Advance Geothermal Energy

Nabors Industries has partnered with several geothermal startups, including GA Drilling, GeoX, Sage Geosystems and Quaise Energy, looking to enhance geothermal drilling technology.

Nabors’ Latest Partnership Aims to Accelerate Commercialization of Geothermal Energy

Proceeds from a $12 million financing led by Nabors will be used to further accelerate the development of Sage Geosystems’ technologies and construction of their first commercial geothermal power plant.