EMHC Investment Corp.


EMHC INVESTMENT CORP. is a privately held investment holding company that pursues to invest in growth and start up companies in the following industries:

• Oil & gas
• Transportation • Hospitality
• Food service
• Agricultural
• Manufacturing
• Distribution
• Health care
• Real estate and
• Financial services industries

With the affiliation of two independent financial service companies under the helm, EMHC will continue to bring expertise, knowledge, and transactional experience to conquer any small or large transaction. our success in providing the highest quality client service continues to make us a force in the ever evolving world of finance.

Editor's note: Updated June 10, 2022.

Headquarters Address

Atlanta, GA
United States


It has been a difficult two years for bankers and energy manufacturers across the globe, but the industry has rebounded dramatically over the past fiscal year with record production numbers.