Colonial Pipeline Co.


Colonial Pipeline Co., founded in 1962, connects refineries–primarily located in the Gulf Coast­–with customers and markets throughout the Southern and Eastern U.S. through a pipeline system that spans more than 5,500 miles. The company delivers refined petroleum products such as gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, home heating oil, and fuel for the U.S. military. Colonial is committed to safety and environmental stewardship across its operations.

Editor's note: Updated Dec. 30, 2019.

Headquarters Address

Alpharetta, GA
United States


New Financings

Report Date Type Amount (MM) Description
2018-03-29 Colonial Pipeline Co. Debt $550.00

Priced $550 million of A/A3 rated, 4.25% senior notes due 2048 at 98.826 to yield 4.32%. Proceeds from…


The Department of Homeland Security on July 20 required owners and operators of critical pipelines that transport hazardous liquids…

Hack of the Colonial Pipeline showed the importance of cybersecurity to critical pipelines, agency says.

Two more ransomware operators appear to have disappeared from the web, a cybersecurity researcher said on May 16, in another potential…

The appropriate reaction to the cyberattack that shut down the Colonial Pipeline involves “smart, flexible and adaptive” regulation to…

At least six tankers ae booked to move gasoline from Europe to the U.S.