Upper Three Forks, Middle Bakken Producers Completed In Dunn County, N.D.

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United States

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#14-36TFH Jocelyn, #44-36H State Etta
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Two Kildeer Field discoveries were reported in Section 36-146n-95w of Dunn County, N.D., by Marathon Oil Co. The #14-36TFH Jocelyn was tested flowing 3.888 Mbbl of oil, 2.201 MMcf of gas and 7.837 Mbbl of water per day from Upper Three Forks. The completion was drilled to 21,328 ft, 10,835 ft true vertical and bottomed in Section 25. Gauged on a 64/64-in. choke, the flowing casing pressure was 1,500 psi and production is from perforations between 11,287 and 21,124 ft. The #44-36H State Etta produced 5.429 Mbbl of oil, with 4.457 MMcf of gas and 7.899 Mbbl of water per day from Middle Bakken. It was drilled to 21,313 ft and the true vertical depth is 10,875 ft. It was tested on a 56/64-in. choke and the flowing casing pressure was 1,300 psi. Production is from perforations at 11,234-21,178 ft. Marathon’s headquarters are in Houston.