Two Bone Springs Discoveries Reported By EOG Resources In Lea County, N.M.

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United States

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#503H Savage 2 State Com, #508H Savage 2 State Com
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Drilling Activity Summary


In Lea County, N.M., EOG Resources Inc. announced results from two Bone Spring completions that were drilled from a pad in Section 2-25s-32e. The #503H Savage 2 State Com was drilled to 15.844 ft, 10,898 ft true vertical. It initially flowed 5.588 MMcf of oil, 9.53 MMcf of gas and 3.936 Mbbl of oil per day. It was tested on a 128/64-in. choke and the flowing casing pressure was 994 psi. Production is from perforations at 10,813-15,381 ft. The offsetting #508H Savage 2 State Com was drilled to 15,984 ft, 10,658 ft true vertical. It was tested on a 98/64-in. choke flowing 1.924 Mbbl of oil, 2.959 MMcf of gas and 8.53 Mbbl of water per day. The flowing casing pressure was 676 psi and production is from perforations between 10,870 and 15,621 ft.