Results Announced from LLOG Exploration’s Spruance Prospect in Ewing Bank Block 877

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United States

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#1 OCS G35295
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Drilling Activity Summary


LLOG Exploration has released details on a two exploratory wells completed at the company’s Spruance prospect in Ewing Bank Block 877. The #1 OCS G35295 logged approximately 150 net ft of oil pay in multiple Miocene sands. The well was drilled to a total depth of 17,000 ft. The offsetting #1 OCS G36704 was drilled to 16,600 ft and bottomed to the south in Ewing Bank Block 921. According to the Covington, La.-based company, the well successfully delineated the main field pays and logged additional oil pay in the exploratory portion of the well with a total of more than 200 net ft of oil pay. Both wells are scheduled for completion in 2021.