Repsol: 4 Tcf Of Gas In Caipipendi Block, Bolivia

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Madrid-based Repsol has discovered about 4 Tcf of gas reserves in Bolivia's Caipipendi Block in Chuquisaca Province. According to Repsol, the three new gas fields, Boicobo, Ipaguazu and Boyuy, potentially increase the country's reserves by 40% and have sufficient gas reserves to fulfill the demand of Bolivia's main gas exports to Brazil for more than 10 years. The Caipipendi discovery is the latest achievement in the third phase of Repsol's Margarita-Huacaya Project. In May 2015, it made a significant discovery at #1-Huacaya. The Caipipendi Block and the Boicobo, Ipaguazu and Boyuy discoveries are operated by Repsol with 37.5% interest in partnership with Shell, holding another 37.5% and BP with the remaining 25% of the operation agreement signed with Yacimientos Petroliferos Fiscales Bolivianos.