OMV Tests Offshore Norway Venture in Production License PL 970

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OMV Norge announced results from a wildcat in the Norwegian North Sea. The #1/3-13 is in production license PL 970. The objective of the well was to prove petroleum in reservoir rocks in Tor (Late Cretaceous). The venture was drilled to 3,285 m and encountered about 100 m of water-bearing chalk, with good to very good porosity, but low permeability. The well also encountered a 3-m, petroleum-bearing layer in Ekofisk, an 8-m thick sandstone layer in Forties and 3 m of sandstone in Andrew,(Paleocene). The oil/water contact was not proven. More detailed studies will be needed to determine potential connection between the proven resources in the Forties and Andrew Formations in #1/3-13 and #1/3-11 (Ipswich) oil discovery. The well was not formation-tested, but data acquisition has been carried out. OMV Norge is based in Stavanger.