Four Woodford Wells Completed At Drillpad In Pittsburgh County, Okla.

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United States

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#2-17/20H Carney, #3-17/20H Carney, #2-8/5H Carney, #3-8/5H Carney
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Trinity Operating LLC has completed four Pittsburgh County, Okla., horizontal Woodford producers drilled at an Arkoma Basin pad in Section 17-7n-18e. The #2-17/20H Carney flowed 12.2 MMcf of gas with 1.029 Mbbl of water per day from a treated interval of Woodford at 8,198-17,597 ft. The well was cut from Mississippian at 17,700 ft to total depth at 17,758 ft but was not perforated in that interval. True vertical depth is 7,767 ft and it bottomed to the south in Section 20-7n-18e. A parallel lateral, #3-17/20H Carney, produced from treated Woodford perforations between 8,004 and 15,805 ft flowing 10.2 MMcf of gas and 621 bbl of water per day. The wellbore extends to 15,960 ft (7,820 ft true vertical) and it bottomed in Section 20-7n-18e. The #2-8/5H Carney was tested on a 96/64-in. choke initially flowing 11.2 MMcf of gas and 1.454 Mbbl of water per day from a treated interval at 8,170-18,410 ft. This venture was drilled north across sections 8 and 5-7n-18e to 18,579 ft, 7,649 ft true vertical, and bottomed in Section 32-8n-18e. The #3-8/5H Carney was tested on an 88/64-in. choke flowing 10.3 MMcf of gas with 1.429 Mbbl of water per day. It was drilled to the north to 18,413 ft, 7,602 ft true vertical, and bottomed in Section 5-7n-18e. Production is from treated perforations at 8,034-18,255 ft. Trinity’s headquarters are in Tulsa.