Four Barnett Shale Discoveries Tested in Newark East Field

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United States

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#1 Shifflet AH 1, #2 Shifflet AH, #3 Shifflet AH 3, #4 Shifflet AH 4
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Lime Rock Resources announced results from four Barnett Shale-Newark East Field completions that were drilled from a pad in John B. Crawford Survey, A-224, in Denton County (RRC Dist. 9), Texas. The #1 Shifflet AH 1 flowed 3.484 MMcf of gas, 208 bbl of condensate and 875 bbl of water per day from acidized- and fracture-treated perforations at 8,850-16,124 ft. Tested on a 19/64-in. choke, the flowing tubing pressure was 945 psi. The 16,310-ft well bottomed about 1.5 miles to the southeast in Sarah Winfrey Survey, A-1319. The parallel #2 Shifflet AH flowed 3.596 MMcf of gas, 246 bbl of condensate and 993 bbl of water through perforations at 8,850-15,339 ft. Tested on a 16/64-in. choke, the flowing tubing pressure was 1,210 psi. It was drilled to 15,535 ft (8,619 ft true vertical).Two northwest-trending wells have also been drilled by Lime Rock. The northwest-trending #3 Shifflet AH 3 produced 3.577 MMcf of gas, 207 bbl of condensate and 700 bbl of water per day from perforations at 8,850-14,228 ft. It was drilled to 14,420 ft (8,461 ft true vertical). The #4 Shifflet AH 4, also drilled to the northwest, produced 3.327 MMcf of gas, 184 bbl of condensate and 754 bbl of water daily from perforations at 8,850-14,383 ft It was drilled to 14,579 ft (8,426 ft true vertical). Lime Rock is based in Houston.