Beach Energy Announces Perth Basin Flow Test Results

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#1-Beharra Springs Deep
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Beach Energy has completed flow testing at #1-Beharra Springs Deep in license L11 in the Perth Basin. A series of flow tests were performed at various choke settings. The testing was performed over a 37-m perforated interval in Kingia Sandstone between 3,940 and 3,977 m. The #1-Beharra Springs Deep intersected a 65 m gross interval in Kingia Sandstone, with estimated net gas pay of 36 m. It was tested on a 76/64-in. choke at a tubing-constrained rate of 46 MMcf per day with a flowing tubing head pressure of 1,855 psi. The gas is dry and produced less than 1 bbl/MMcf of associated condensate with no formation water detected. The flow testing indicates similar well productivity characteristics to #3-Waitsia and #4-Waitsia wells. The well will remain shut-in and is expected to be tied into the adjacent Beharra Springs gas facility by the end of 2020. Beach is based in Adelaide.