Appraisal Test Spud To Test Shelf Margin Deltaic Horizons on Alaska’s North Slope

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United States

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#1A Talitha
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Pantheon Resources has spud #1A Talitha in the North Slope of Alaska. The appraisal well has a planned true vertical depth of approximately 10,000 ft. The well will target the shallowest Shelf Margin Deltaic horizon as the primary objective. According to the company, it will also drill through a number of secondary objectives including the Slope Fan System, the Basin Floor Fan, and Kuparuk horizons. The venture is about 10 miles west of the Dalton Highway and four miles from #1 Pipeline State that was drilled in 1988, which confirmed the presence of movable hydrocarbons in the objective horizons. The London-based company estimates #1A Talitha will target about 1 Bbbl of recoverable oil potential across the multiple stacked (primary and secondary) objectives. An independent Expert's Report was completed on the updip section of the Shelf Margin Deltaic, and confirmed a prospective resource of 302 MMbbl of recoverable oil. Formal delineation of the ultimate potential of the lower, secondary targets requires additional analysis.