IndustryVoice: Ocean Bottom Node (OBN) Multiclient Surveys – Superior Subsurface Intelligence

OBN is the ultimate imaging tool for complex geological challenges. With full-azimuth acquisition, complex geology can be illuminated in all directions allowing structures, and attribute variations to be properly understood. OBN is defining a new baseline for quality subsurface imaging that could form the cornerstone of the exploration growth strategy implemented throughout the next decade and beyond.

December 8, 2019

IndustryVoice: The Value of Data in AI and ML for Geoscience Solutions

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are making their debut in the workflows of Exploration and Production, but AI and ML solutions are only as good as the data that trains them. With products like ARLAS and SaltNet, TGS has leveraged their expansive data library to focus on finding the right problems to solve.

June 24, 2019