Part 1

Why Strong ESG Practice Can Offer a Competitive Advantage

Early ESG adopters in the energy sector have shown profitable results with value in top-line growth.

Emily Easley November 01, 2021

Part 1

Path for Producers to Show Their ESG Bona Fides

Oil and gas producers increasingly must disclose their metrics and performance to attract capital and satisfy stakeholder concerns. The good news: how to do so is becoming clearer.

Ellen Chang November 03, 2021

Part 2

E&P Operators’ View: Fine-tuning ESG-focused Operations

Public and private E&P operators alike are grappling with how to approach the evolving energy investment environment that is increasingly focused on ESG best practices.

Anna Kachkova November 12, 2021

Part 2

Energy Technology Investment: The Quest for Emissions-free Production

Executives of four energy technology companies discuss how digitalization is making carbon management goals possible in the oil patch.

Faiza Rizvi November 15, 2021
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Energy ESG: Investing in Our Future

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