Industry Will Not Abandon ESG During Crisis, Others Must not Abandon Industry

To maximize the industry’s abilities, government leaders must take immediate action to embrace the security and reliability of U.S domestic energy resources.

(Source: MillaF/

During a crisis, such as Russian President Putin’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, our industry will not abandon and should not forgo its ESG goals. At the same time, outside investors and interested parties must recognize this is not the time to boycott or divest in domestic energy production. This would be irresponsible and counterproductive to our economic and national security as Putin’s actions have brought to the forefront the need to maximize U.S. domestic energy resources and not be beholden to world tyrants that disrupt and destabilize global energy markets. 

U.S. production can ramp up production in conjunction with energy infrastructure and the pullback of excessive regulatory hurdles, while staying true to its ESG commitments.

The oil and gas industry has adopted ESG into its core values and organizational missions. ESG disclosures are on the rise and being made publicly available on websites through sustainability reports and company annual reports. 

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