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Heavy Crude Oil: Global Perspective, Analysis & Outlook to 2035

Heavy oil is plentiful around the globe and will become an increasingly important source of new crude supplies in the future. It is found offshore and onshore; in liquid form as in ‘conventional’ heavy oil or in solid form such as the bitumen in the Canadian oil sands. This analysis and outlook provides a detailed look at the companies and projects that will contribute to heavy oil supplies, plus a yearly forecast by project, country and region to 2035. Heavy oil must compete for investments with other new sources of oil; this report analyses and compares the costs of major new crude sources worldwide. Heavy oil is either processed in the country where it is produced, or exported. In North America, increasing volumes of Canadian heavy crude must compete for infrastructure with rapidly increasing shale oil production. Significant volumes of heavy crude will enter the export market over the next 20 years - where will it be processed? How significant will the contribution of heavy crude oil be to global supplies? Is it necessary to meet future demand? This report answers these questions and many more.


The Report Highlights
  • Country-by-country analysis
    • Resources, maps and state of development
    • Company activities
    • Costs
    • Infrastructure analysis where applicable
    • Forecasts of unconventional and conventional heavy oil production to 2035
    • Disposition by country and region
    • Diluent requirements for extra-heavy crude and bitumen
  • Heavy crude value and pricing analysis
    • Valuation of heavy crudes in the refining market
    • Prices and differentials
  • Global summary and implications
    • Global oil supply vs. demand
    • Global disposition and determination of where exported heavy crude will be processed through 2035


Key Benefits
  • Development details on existing and new projects and operators
  • Reduce planning uncertainties by providing a global aggregate of the results of all heavy oil developments worldwide
  • Understand where heavy crude fits into the global oil supply picture

Heave Crude Oil Image


Who Should Read This Report
  • Oil and gas E&P companies
  • Petroleum refiners
  • Traders and transportation companies
  • Oil field service companies
  • Equipment manufacturers and suppliers
  • Engineering and construction firms
  • Government agencies and international organizations concerned with energy
  • Technology suppliers