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Heavy Crude Oil:
Global Perspective, Analysis & Outlook to 2035

There may be a shale phenomenon, but at 36%, unconventional heavy oil is still projected to be the largest contributor to global oil supply – higher than light, tight oil and condensate (26%), NGLs (25) and biofuels (13%).

The global outlook for exploring, extracting and processing heavy crude oil is one of long-term sustainable growth. You need critical data and insight to maximize this opportunity.

Heavy Crude Oil
is an extensive global multi-client study with:
  • Country-by-country analyses
    • Year-by-year forecasts to 2035
    • Operators’ existing and new projects
    • Costs
    • Infrastructure
    • Disposition
    • Diluent requirements for extra-heavy crude and bitumen
  • Heavy crude valuation and pricing analyses
    • Heavy crude valuation in the refining market
    • Prices and differentials
  • Global summary and implications
    • Supply vs. demand
    • Determination of where exported heavy crude will be processed through 2035

Heavy Crude Oil coverage map

Heavy Crude Oil Coverage Map

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