Patrick Eiland

Vice President of HES and Regulatory, QuarterNorth Energy, Houston

In pursuit of a new challenge, Patrick Eiland joined the U.S. Coast Guard with the hopes of helping save lives and bettering communities. During his 20 years in the military, he has had the chance to improve communities around the U.S. while earning several prestigious honors.

Eiland received his bachelor of science in management and communications from the University of South Alabama and later earned his master of science in transportation management from Florida Institute of Technology. Prior to his current role, he served as vice president of HSE and regulatory at Fieldwood Energy LLC, director of HSE at Stone Energy, HSE manager at Hornbeck Offshore and vice president and principal at Veris Global LLC.

As vice president of HSE and regulatory at QuarterNorth Energy, Eiland lives in Houston. Both his children, Jordan, 25, and Rachel, 23, are Louisiana State University graduates.

Patrick Eiland, Veterans in EnergyNew challenges

“A new challenge was needed and after looking at multiple opportunities across the military services, I chose the U.S. Coast Guard. What excited me most was the prospect of search and rescue in heavy weather, saving lives and drug interdiction. Of course I ended up be able to experience all those thrilling activities and more.”

Surf rescue

“I have many [memorable experiences], but the one that stands out most is conducting search and rescue efforts on the rugged Oregon Coast in the small coastal community of Depoe Bay. It was always exciting to hear the search and rescue alarm ring out and everyone rushing to launch the boats, really not knowing what we were getting ourselves into. But rest assured it was usually very high seas (20-35 ft) and surf, operating in a 30-ft surf rescue boat or the 44-ft motor lifeboat and rushing to save the lives of fishermen, surfers and those that chose to go out without checking the weather. We repelled down cliffs, entered caves, conducted surf rescue from the beach and most importantly supported the small community that we served.”

Coast Guard Foundation

“Since retirement, I have always been a huge advocate in hiring military service members in numerous companies I have worked. I have supported the Coast Guard Bulletin Publication, given time and money to the Coast Guard Foundation, Navy Seal Legacy Foundation and the Marine Corp Scholarship Foundation. This year, I participated with the Coast Guard Foundation as a primary sponsor and contributor for the Texas Dinner to raise over $1,000,000 (the highest fund raising event for the foundation) to support the men and women of the Coast Guard who endure so much and need our assistance.”

Working hard

“Veterans bring leadership, focus, discipline and a superior work ethic. These men and women are motivators and understand what it takes to get complete a task, job or mission. Their training easily transitions to numerous industry sectors, and they can provide immediate and long-term positive impacts.”

Mentor and teammate

“My diverse military career provided me with the leadership and skills necessary to succeed.  The exposure to a myriad of challenging situations, the training to evaluate and make good sound decisions, the core values of honor, respect and devotion to duty, and the sense of patriotism and selfless dedication to defend our country instilled the drive and motivation for me to succeed in the oil and gas industry and more importantly has helped me to make a positive impact as a mentor and teammate to those around me.”