Whit Myers

Senior Vice President – Land and Business Development, Hibernia Resources III LLC, Houston

“This is a relationship-driven business, and I am proud of staying true to my morals and to my word, whether it be with colleagues, landowners or industry peers,” he said.

Myers joined Hibernia in 2017, the same year the E&P received a $250 million commitment from Natural Gas Partners.

The Hibernia team

“The team we have assembled at Hibernia is, in my opinion, second to none. It’s not easy to build a talented and cohesive team from scratch, and we have been very successful in doing so. Building the company with a great team, and with support from Natural Gas Partners, has been a rewarding experience that I do not take for granted.”

Building a position

“When we started Hibernia in late 2017, we had no assets and a strong preference to focus our efforts on the Midland Basin. It took a lot of patience and persistence to find the right deals to build a sizable and contiguous position we are developing today.”

Getting started in oil and gas

“I always looked up to my grandfather who was an independent petroleum engineer based in Dallas. Although I did not fully understand what he did at the time, he always had a love for his work and was able to provide for his large family. After high school in Dallas, I went to Texas Tech University in 2003 to study business. I took an entry-level course with the petroleum land management department and decided it was a great fit for me.

“My first job out of college was with Exco Resources in Dallas. I met many lifelong friends while working there but, most importantly, I met my wife at a Texas Rangers baseball game during an Exco work event.”

Strong mentors

“I feel very blessed by the number of mentors I can turn to on a regular basis including my family and close friends. My dad, though not in the oil and gas industry, is always the first person I typically turn to for advice. I have seen how he handles pressure or stressful situations, yet he keeps a cool head and a positive attitude (although the referees and umpires from my little league games might disagree on that note). Outside of family and friends, I feel extremely fortunate to be able to seek advice from my partners at Hibernia.”

Staying motivated

“The goal of building a successful business in an ever-changing industry, like the oil and gas industry, makes each day a challenge to adapt to. My family and colleagues push my internal drive to face the challenges each day.”

Industry outlook

“Something I admire about the oil and gas industry is the staggering amount of work and complexities that go into locating, developing and safely producing hydrocarbons that fuel our world. I would like to see the industry do a better job of advertising the amount of environmental and safety efforts that go into this process and also do a better job of highlighting environmental achievements. HSE is not something that is well understood outside of our industry, and I would like to see more proactive efforts to educate the masses.”

The new generation

“The energy industry is constantly evolving and becoming more and more innovative. The younger generation can bring new perspectives or a different approach to the normal course of business.”

“A good leader should be well-versed in all disciplines of the company. This enables clear communication and decisiveness to achieve the goals of the business.”