Trent Determann

Vice President, Finance, Gastar Exploration Inc., Houston
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His goals in the near to mid-term include learning “more about the operational side of the E&P and midstream business and [broadening his] skillset.” Longer term, he “would like to form a team and build a company from the ground up.”

Career path: He began his career as an analyst in the commercial banking group of BBVA Compass, and then worked in RBC Capital Markets LLC’s global investment banking division from October 2010 to October 2012. He then was manager for financial planning and strategy at PetroPoint Energy Partners LP until it sold in August 2014. He joined Gastar that month and became vice president of finance in November 2016.

Leadership philosophy: “I strive to lead by example. I hold myself accountable for every task I take on and I share examples of successes and failures with my team. … I find that this results in open communication with my team where we can provide regular feedback to each other, allowing the group to grow together.”

Pay attention: Determann believes “you should always put your best foot forward regardless of the size of the task or project. I feel that every piece of work product is a reflection of myself and my abilities.” He learned early on in his career that “putting in the extra effort upfront to double check yourself will lead to a much more efficient use of your time.”

Challenge yourself: “The best rewards often come at the end of the most challenging endeavors. Don’t be afraid to test yourself and step into unknown territory. Mistakes will likely happen, so make sure you learn from them and determine an approach to reduce the chance of repeating the same mistake in the future.”

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