Tommy Waldrip

Managing Director, EnCap Flatrock Midstream, San Antonio
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He strongly believes that people are the core of this business, so a good leader must foster strong relationships. “Treating people well and interacting with and listening to them is really important. This is a dynamic industry, and the ability to learn, evolve and forge forward is essential not only for success, but for survival.”

Building from scratch

“I have had the very fortunate experience of being a member of the EnCap Flatrock Midstream (EFM) team since day one. Working for one company for the majority of my career, and helping to build it from the ground up, is atypical in this business and a huge source of pride. Further, I am very proud of the disciplined approach our firm takes to identifying and investing in businesses and attractive assets in the midstream sector. I believe that persistence drives our success, something that is demonstrated by the fact that we have four funds which together have approximately $9 billion in capital commitments from a broad range of institutional investors.

“I will never forget the first time I was tasked with joining the board of directors of one of our portfolio companies. Being asked to assume that level of responsibility really validated my hard work. I specifically remember the feeling of preparedness and that was squarely due to the guidance and mentorship from my superiors at EFM.”

Creating value

“I go to work every day to try and help our portfolio companies create value for our investors. This industry is always evolving, and it is the new, fun challenges that keep me energized.

“My career goal is singular in focus: continue to work with the best and brightest in the midstream industry. Whether it’s working with our management teams to add value to their businesses or nurturing talent inside our firm, my objective is always to be valuable to the people I work with every day.

“I see our industry making strides when it comes to Socially Responsible Investing and Environment, Social and Corporate Governance policies, and I think that will continue to be critical to our ability to succeed. At EFM, we consider all business decisions through these lenses, and we strongly believe doing so creates more value for our investors."


“The entire leadership team at EnCap Flatrock Midstream is second to none, and their collective mentorship has shaped my professional guiding principles: work hard, know when to ask hard questions, be smart, be accountable, and have fun.”

Advice to young professionals

My advice to young professionals is to have patience, work hard and be an attentive observer. While these may sound simple, they aren’t always easy. Being diligent about these foundational tenets can take you a long way. I would also emphasize the importance of taking the time to develop meaningful relationships. In this business, relationships matter and how you treat people from the start will make a difference. Finally, above all else, when given the chance to sit at the table, take the opportunity to watch and learn.”

“In this business, relationships matter and how you treat people from the start will make a difference.”