Scott A. Rovira

Vice President, Well Construction, Endeavor Energy Resources LP, Midland, Texas
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Since his arrival at Endeavor Energy Resources LP in 2016, Rovira has built a well construction team that has helped transform Endeavor Energy Resources LP into a top-tier Midland Basin horizontal operator. The team increased the company’s production by about 100,000 bbl/d of oil in four years all while maintaining a competitive return for its owners and executing the program safely.

This task “was no small feat” and “proved quite challenging,” Rovira said. “I am so grateful for the vision and leadership of our owner, Autry Stephens, and CEO Chuck Meloy to recruit and continuously challenge a multidisciplined team to achieve this mission. With their support, I was able to deploy the lessons learned over my career regarding project management and leadership to help achieve our company mission.”

Entering the industry

“My entry into the oil and gas industry occurred by happenstance. … The [petroleum engineering] department was offering scholarships for students entering the program to attend a six-week geology field camp in Colorado Springs, Colo., where students would earn all their geologic credits. Loving the outdoors, I signed up and quickly realized I had a passion for the industry. When the fall semester started, I was able to secure a job at the Petroleum Engineering Research and Technology Transfer Laboratory on LSU’s campus. The lab performed many functions but had a particular focus on well control related activities and research. I found this area of the industry particularly interesting and continued working at the facility up to my senior year.”

Career milestone

“I was asked to fill the role as a drilling operations manager at the age of 29 overseeing the execution of Anadarko Petroleum Corp.’s drilling program in the Austin Chalk and subsequently the Eagle Ford development in South Texas. I will always be humbled by the responsibility given to me at this point in my career.”

Professional achievement

“[I] successfully led a team through the ramp up of a drilling program in the Eagle Ford with Anadarko while significantly reducing cycle time and project investment. Initial performance upon entering the Maverick Basin was around 18 days per well from spud to rig release in 2012.

“We were able to bring cycle times and costs down to make the Eagle Ford one of the company’s most prolific assets at the time. This recipe for success was shared at the 2011 DUG Eagle Ford conference and was foundational for the understanding of project management at scale for drilling and completion operations for me in my career.”

Passion and pride

“Although it may be naïve, I believe that what I do matters to this country. Our ability to develop hydrocarbons more efficiently than almost anywhere in the world has led to a revolution previously not experienced in the energy sector. This country’s ability to lower our operating costs and compete on the world stage with our product brings a sense of satisfaction and pride for the work that we do.”

Industry outlook

“In order to maintain our competitiveness on the world stage, with competing countries and their resources, our ability to approach and operate oil and gas wells must adapt. With the vast amount of resources available to us, we will only be able to compete if our operating models adjust to account for more efficient methods of producing hydrocarbons safely. This requires out-of-the-box thinking and a shift away from the mentality ‘this is the way we have always done it.’ If we don’t continue to improve in this arena, alternative forms of energy will become more commercially viable and will prevail in the short term rather than the long term.”

Advice for young professionals

“Remain humble, because this world and industry can be quite humbling at times. Remember, it truly takes a team to accomplish the things we do in this industry, and integrating with your co-workers will almost always yield a better outcome.”

“Integrity is paramount in life and in business. Always maintain the highest standards for yourself. This is so critical for you and your reputation, although not always the easiest decision or path to take. Integrity will always allow you to hold your head up knowing you did the right thing.”