Sandeep Gupta

Investment analyst, oil and gas, Fidelity Investments, Smithfield, R.I.

Good earth: One constant, no matter the price environment or the pace of technology, is the raw materials’ quality and usability; all these variables affect each other. “Value creation for oil and gas producers is positively correlated with resource quality,” he said. Part of his job is to develop opinions on where drillers should operate, knowing the resources through assessing them. He said this involves “technical analysis of geological rock under consideration, cost and financial return analysis, availability of oilfield services and industry ability to effectively market the production. Generally, higher quality rock equals lower-cost profile and higher financial returns.”

Career path: Prior to working at Fidelity, Gupta mentored younger analysts and explained broad investment strategy to industrial and energy sector portfolio managers.

On camaraderie: “I try to foster a culture of inclusion among my peers. I love learning from analysts and other portfolio managers and try to share experiences that may be helpful to them as well.” Gupta aspires to lead a handpicked group of investment and energy professionals.

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