Patrick Lissonnet

Managing Director, Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors, Houston
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When you are finally able to pin down Patrick Lissonnet, the reason for his elusiveness is immediately clear. The managing director of Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors and married father of three is constantly on the move. So, how does this executive achieve equilibrium?

“You don’t sleep,” he says with a laugh. “It certainly requires good planning and a solid support system to make it happen. It is always a struggle to be responsive to all things, and it’s certainly a give-and-take process. I’m not quite certain I’ve been able to strike that balance because I find there are competing priorities.”

As a managing director for Kayne Anderson’s private-equity activities in the energy space, Lissonnet focuses on identifying and analyzing investment opportunities and ongoing oversight of existing investments and sits on the firm’s investment committee.

Industry attraction: Growing up Tulsa, Okla., Lissonnet was exposed to the oil and gas industry from an early age. His parents gently guided him toward the field after recognizing his inclination for math, sciences and, ultimately, engineering.

Today, he says he continues to be fascinated by the industry’s rich history and its relationship to economic growth and expansion.

“It still amazes me how it impacts all facets of our lives and how as an industry we have evolved through advancements in technology to continue to find more efficient ways to extract hydrocarbons from the ground.”

Balancing act: With a jam-packed schedule and long work days, finding a work-life balance has been a challenge for him. “I want to be mindful and careful that I don’t miss too many bedtimes,” he says. “I try to keep the weekends captive and spend that time with my wife and kids so I don’t have any regrets.”

Advice for young professionals: “Focus on building a deep fundamental toolkit early in your career because that will serve as your foundation throughout your career and inform your perspective on investment decisions.”