Nicholas Asher

Vice President, Business Development, Meagher Energy Advisors, Greenwood Village, Colorado

Crucial involvement in $300 million to $1 billion in transactions each year in the western U.S. Spearheads Meagher’s strategic development with an emphasis on marketing and client relations.

Entrée to the industry: Previously, as an independent landman, purchased over 40,000 acres of leasehold in Rockies resource plays in conjunction with an investment partnership; resulted in sale of over half of the position.

Lessons learned: Discovered the need to be “fluid, nimble and able to adapt quickly when curveballs are thrown your way” during the company’s sale of the Teapot Dome Oilfield in 2014. Working in conjunction with the DOE meant “a much more lengthy and complicated process than your standard transaction” and taught him to think on his feet.

Essential oil: “I love that we are the most vital sector of the American economy. Oil and gas is far too often maligned when in fact our industry produces the country’s lifeblood, and the ripple effects are exemplified in the quality of life we all enjoy.”

Honoring heritage: Some clients are families, with “assets that represent generations of hard work. I’m gratified when any deal closes, but particularly so when it’s a windfall event that cements a family’s legacy.”

Go for it: Warns against hesitating on deals in the pursuit of perfection. “You need to take advantage when times are good,” even when your expectations don’t match the market reality. “Accept the deal, count your blessings and move on down the road. You don’t want to be kicking yourself for not pulling the trigger when things go south.”

Connectivity: Brings the industry closer together through involvement in “the creation of several networking groups that target young oil and gas professionals. Not only have I made mutually beneficial relationships, but I am also pleased when others do so as well.”