Mike Lennox

District Manager-West Texas, Helmerich & Payne Inc., Odessa, Texas
30 Under 40 Featuring Mike Lennox

Mike Lennox headshot The West Point advantage: “It was an opportunity to play Division I football, get a good education, serve my country and have a guaranteed job after school.”

Entry to oil and gas: He was familiar with the industry because of growing up in Fort Worth, but his parents weren’t in the business. “After the Army, I wanted to work in Texas and use my engineering degree, but I didn’t want a desk job. I wanted to work outdoors and wear work boots. The oil and gas industry gave me that opportunity.”

On an MBA at Texas Tech: He was in Odessa, Texas, and could use the post-9/11 GI Bill. “I was running 50 or 60 rigs at the time with around 2,500 employees and I’m looking to get an MBA. I didn’t have enough to do, right?” Additionally, his first child was on the way, and his second was born toward the end of the MBA program.

Admires “leaders of character:” “In the military, I was exposed to several. Outside of the service, I like Lou Holtz. I like his principles; the way he approaches life, you can apply to business or, really, anything.”

At H&P, admires several folks for their leadership: “It’s a business but we have several influential leaders who truly care about me and our employees, and it makes it an enjoyable place to work.”

On cattle ranching: He and a couple of partners have cattle on land in Midland County. “We have a cow calf operation going on where we brand them, give them shots, make sure they’re fed and watered, and sell off the calves each year.

“I sit at a desk most days as part of my job; so it’s an opportunity to get out there, sweat, work with your hands, feel alive.” His partners are in oil and gas as well.

Mottos in life and business: “Work hard and be honest.”

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