Luke Albrecht

VP, Business Development, EnerVest Ltd., Houston
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Responsible for sourcing, structuring and negotiating acquisitions and divestitures. Currently investing EnerVest’s Fund 14, comprising $2.4 billion of private equity commitments

Entry to oil and gas: Has worked in a variety of roles within the E&P sector. Began his career as an Energy Investment Banking analyst. After completing an MBA at Rice, had the opportunity to work for a major, a mid-sized public, private equity- backed E&P and now EnerVest (private equity with integrated operating company).

Early opportunities: While at Hess Corp, he was entrusted with significant responsibility allowing “the opportunity to coordinate and lead A&D activities early on.” In that role, closed over $4 billion of new deals in areas including the Eagle Ford, Utica and Bakken shale plays.

The industry’s impact: “Our industry literally affects everyone, in a net-positive manner. I love thinking about how our industry has fueled technology, education and the advancement of developing countries.”

Leadership philosophy: Encourages leading by example, and defines “leadership as the ability to deal with change. Attitude and perspective are critical during these times, and they are also contagious, for better or worse.”

Advice for young professionals: Emphasizes trust and confidence in peers. “You hear a lot about managing up and managing down. I would encourage other young professionals to spend just as much time managing sideways. Having the trust and confidence of your peers reflects in every direction.”

Taking risks: Believes that “you don’t get what you don’t ask for. People are so afraid of hearing ‘no’. Usually, this just means you end up where you started. So why not?”

On professional success: “Allocate your time as follows: listen 70%, ask questions 20% and make statements 10%. Nothing is worse than someone who talks too much, is scared to ask questions and doesn’t listen.”

2016 30 Under 40 Featuring Luke Albrecht Audio.mp4